5 simple acts that make a big impact!

There is a saying in our mother tongue which translates to, ‘every drop can make a difference and it is quite true as every single act has a cascading impact. You might not think that changing one little habit daily can make a large enough impact but it is possible. We don’t need to make drastic changes to make a positive impact, but little changes one day at a time can make a huge difference. Every decision we make affects our environment greatly, just using a disposable cup and lid for coffee for a year adds up to 365 containers polluting the environment and that is the maths for just one person. Now if the same person changed their habits slightly a positive impact would be made. It is very simple and easy to make an impact and you can start today with these manageable acts

  1. Choose greener alternatives to cars - walk, use a bike or if necessary use public transport, every single car that is off the streets saves 3.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. And when you do use cars check the air pressure in your tyres as under-inflated tyres cost you 144 gallons of fuel yearly. Looking for hybrid or electric cars are the more viable options when buying. Avoid using aeroplanes if possible and pack light as more the luggage you carry greater the fuel expenditure.
  2. Switch off! - Unplug all appliances in your homes that are not in use because appliances that are plugged in without use or are in “idle mode” cost Indians collectively upwards of ₹14,20,85,04,00,000 in electricity bills. Choosing energy-efficient appliances and investing in solar panels and skylights are a great way to cut down on almost 85% of your energy consumption. Follow this link for more information on energy-efficient skylights that even work at night 
  3. Use water mindfully- Turn off your taps when you’re brushing or you’re not rinsing dishes, take shorter showers and choose cold water when you do your laundry. It is estimated that using cold water for laundry instead of hot water saves up to 1600 pounds of carbon emissions a year.
  4. 3 R’s – Reduce Reuse Recycle- recycling might seem like a hassle as compared to just throwing things in the trash. Keep separate bins for wet/dry and recyclable waste at your home, it only takes a few seconds to do that. Stop using disposable items and invest in long-lasting commodities, carry your flask to the coffee shop or get a jute bag for shopping, do everything in your power to minimize your carbon footprint.. ]
  5. Shop Locally-  Control yourself from buying unnecessary things, do not indulge in fast fashion and stop to consider if you really do need that product. Support your local stores and avoid getting imported products as the more a commodity travels the more it pollutes the environment to reach you. Shopping locally strengthens your local economy and is less polluting since the commodities are produced locally from local resources.

Your journey towards sustainability is your own so you decide how you can make an impact today! Promise yourself to try sustainable living today., it's not that hard. The planet is ours and if you wish to stay here longer then try adopting these 5 simple acts into your daily life. There is no planet like our own and we intend to preserve it just as it is. Tell us what simple acts have you adopted in the comment section!

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