Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Do you take gift orders?
    While we do not take any special request at this point, kindly write your request to us at and we will try to make your gift special. We have some great gift options all ready. You can head to the gifting section on our website. 
  • Do you take bulk orders?
    We create our products in small batches and do not mass produce. We request you to write to us with your requirement so we can assess any feasibility. 


  • Who made my Bed Linens?
    We strive to provide ideal working conditions and above industry standard pay. Learn more about the journey of your product here
  • Who made my table linens?
    We strive to provide ideal working conditions and above industry standard pay. Learn more about the journey of your product here. For our latest collections, you can find all the information in the product description itself.

  • Are all the products made sustainably?
    At Pravaah, mindfulness is extremely important to us. We try our best to source from the best suppliers in India and try gather as much information about the raw materials' journey before we buy. All our artisans are paid above industry standards and Pravaah is a 0 plastic company. Read more about our promise to the society and you, the customer here

  • What if an item is out of stock?
    At Pravaah, we create limited pieces per product to ensure each product is made with utmost care and attention. If you would like to buy a product that is out of stock, kindly write to us at or message us using the Whatsapp Icon on the website and we will try our best to get you the product or the next best alternative
  • What is Azo-Free?
    Azo dyes are the most commonly used dyes in the textile industry today. These dyes are known to be potential carcinogens. Today regulated by the EU standards, dyes that do not contain the following harmful chemicals are safer and called azo free dyes. All Pravah products are Azo free certified. Check certifications here

  • How can I believe that product dyed using Azo-Free dyes
    Our dyer is one of Delhi’s foremost dyer in small batch dyeing. Post the dyeing process we got our fabrics tested to double check to authenticity by Intertek. The report for the same can be assessed here.

  • What is a pH value and how does it affect me?
    pH is the level of acidity and basicity of the dyes used for any fabric. 7 is considered the neutral pH level for all adults and infants. If your pH balance is off and it's too alkaline, your skin is going to look flaky and red. If it's too acidic, you'll increase your chances of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and acne. Therefore  our products carry a neutral pH level maintains your skin pH. The report for the same can be assessed here

  • Are Hemp Fibres stronger?
    Hemp is one of the most durable fibers on the planet – Hemp fibers are so strong they can replace metal and glass. Hemp fiber also has incredible tensile strength. Compared to cotton denim, 100% hemp fabric had 62% greater tear strength and 102% greater tensile strength. (Source) The tensile strength of our fabric can be seen in this report

  • What is GOTS certification?
    Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) s a textile production certification that limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemical inputs during the production process of textiles. All cotton fabric used in Pravaah products is GOTS certified. (LINK HERE)
  • What is Hemp?
    Hemp is eco-friendly organic fibers. The most commonly used form of Hemp that is mass-produced for industrial use and associated products is the subspecies from the Cannabaceae Family of plants known as Cannabis sativa, which has been hailed as a versatile multi-purpose crop. With the sustainable development movement gaining pace, Hemp is the new eco-friendly alternative for conscious consumers. This new wonder crop presents an opportunity for producers and industrialists alike to tap into a previously unexplored domain of organic raw material.
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  • Why is Hemp better than cotton?
    Hemp requires less water than cotton, grows faster than cotton and is overall more benefitial to the environment. Hemp is environmentally sustainable and requires fewer resources to cultivate. Irrespective of the considerable benefits Hemp is still not cultivated enough to replace cotton yet, with cultivation figures less than 1 million acres makes it unrealistic for hemp to take over the cotton demand.
    Learn More about Hemp vs Cotton here

  • Are hemp fabrics safe for children?
    Our bed linens have been tested to carry a pH of 7.0 making it extremely safe for even infants to sleep on. All products are created out of natural fabrics and dyed using Azo-free dyes.

  • How are hemp fabrics better than most natural/synthetic fibres?
    Hemp fabrics are one of the best natural fabrics that is sustainable for the environment, requires next to 0 fertilisers, is breathable, long lasting, get better with every wash, are insulant, anti-bacterial to name a few. 

Read more about Hemp and it’s numerous qualities on our blog

For any further questions please to write to us at or message us using the Whatsapp Chat icon on the website.