5 Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Your Homes

With increasing population density in urban areas and real estate prices owing a spacious home might seem like a challenge. But a smaller home does not need to be the reason to compromise on interior décor and furniture you want to have. The future of interior décor lies in adaptable homes and furniture to solve the issues of overpopulation and overconsumption. Ditch those gaudy furniture pieces for some chic space saving furniture that makes a great addition to spacious as well as smaller homes. Increase the functional and aesthetic quotient of your homes with these space saving furniture ideas:

  1. Origami tables

    There are a wide variety of origami tables in the market which save a lot of floor space when closed. These tables when closed can measure up to only a few inches and open to become full sized tables. Several other designs also function to reveal extra storage or increase their size to accommodate more things on top. Origami tables can be used for coffee tables, dining tables, computer tables and any other thing you can think of. 

  2. Adaptable futons and couches

    A comfy futon or couch can double as a bed or extra storage space if you invest in the right kind of space-saving design. In a tight space, an adaptable couch could be used for lounging in the daytime and as a bed at night. Such couches and futons save extra space and act as a nifty article with multiple uses.
  3. Wall-mounted chairs

    One can never have enough chairs, especially if get-togethers and parties are your thing. Traditional chairs occupy a lot of space and might become a blight on the layout of your homes. But wall mounted chairs stay out of sight and their chic designs will not only help space but act as wall décor for bare walls.

  4. Nifty Office furniture

    Working individuals need a designated office space to function properly from home and work efficiently. Creating separate spaces for office work can really boost productivity when working from home. Adaptable office furniture can instantly transform your living room or bedroom into a fully functioning office space. With constraints of space in modern homes in urban areas, adaptable office furniture will help career-oriented individuals to have the home of their dreams without compromising on space.

  5. Swing table and shelf

    With tight urban house spaces, it might not always be possible to accommodate a dining table in your home. But that should be no reason to pass on the chance to have a chic dining table. A shelf that doubles as a dining table without hassle can be used as a showcase and a dinner table at once. Pair this nifty piece of furniture with some wall-mounted chairs and you can host a dinner party without compromising on your floor space.

The increasing market for space-saving furniture has led to a growth in innovation and the development of better furniture pieces. Transform your home from a crowded layout to a functional haven by incorporating some of these ideas whenever you plan to renovate your home.

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