Declutter Your Home: A guide that works!

Let’s face it, we are all guilty of splurging on items we think we may need but definitely know that we won’t be using. It could be anything from a keychain to a car and you can buy it online. Apart from the obvious repercussions of over consumption, all our overbuying and not enough recycling/discarding we often end up with cluttered corners unable to find anything! Decluttering may sound stressful and a herculean task but we’re here to tell you, decluttering not a race but a marathon. Here are some of the ways you can declutter your home with absolute ease!

  • Start Small: Looking at the entire picture may be daunting so start with small spaces each day - a couple of cabinets in the kitchen, your bedside table, a lonely bookshelf etc. Decluttering small spaces at a time allows you to designate smaller amounts of time per day and not overwhelm you. Start room by room and create a plan to tackle each space, one at a time.
  • 5 basket rule: This rule allows you to sort through everything very quickly. Here’s what you have to label and use each of the baskets:
    • Put Back: This basket is solely dedicated to items that need to be put back into their designated spaces like that jacket in the living room or that book on your night stand!
    • Mend/Repair: All items that need a little bit of work to be good as new! A blouse with a missing button or dirty white sneakers - items such as these go in this basket
    • Recycle: All the empty bottle, waste paper etc. goes into this basket
    • Donate: Follow the 12 months rule, anything that you have not worn or used in the past year goes in this pile. There is definitely someone out there who could need these items more than you would!
    • Trash: This is the last resort basket for everything that cannot be salvaged or donated. 
  • Use up wall space: Too many closets and cabinets make spaces look smaller, try using wall spaces to hang items and remove extra storage from the carpet area. Hang hooks at the entrance, over the stove, in the bathroom etc.

  • Create zones: When reorganising, create zones within your storage space to easily find the items you are looking for. Clothes can be zoned by item/season, utensils can be zoned by frequency of use etc. 

Decluttering can be a therapeutic process and sometimes can be as simple as making your bed and putting away stray items. Tell us in the comment section if you enjoyed using these tips to declutter your home.


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