Benefits of Thrifting


Trends come and go almost cyclically but some things remain evergreen. Thrifting or thrift shopping is the act of buying pre-loved items at a discounted price. These items that have lost their value to another might still prove to be invaluable for you. Respecting the things we own is important as opposed to treating them as merely replaceable. The capitalist culture would lead you to believe that buying pre-owned things is a waste of your resources but oftentimes you can hunt for real treasures in thrift stores that far surpass their retail value. Thrifting is not only beneficial for you and your wallet but also for the planet.

The economic incentive should be the first and foremost benefit of thrifting, as most thrift stores contain barely used products that are name branded and in a good condition but go for a fraction of their original prices. Most items that are stocked in thrift stores are very economical with a variety of options that would be sold for 10 times more in chain stores. Another plus point is that most thrift stores have specifically curated stock as opposed to mass-produced factory products that lack individuality or character. Thrift stores have their own unique and diverse selection of products that you would not find in the same place under normal circumstances. Whether you need a funky t-shirt or an antique armoire, thrift stores are the place to go to find it all under one roof.

Thrifting is almost like treasure hunting as you never know what valuable item you may find. Most designers today try to mimic older trends and sell them for a pretty penny but in thrift stores, you can find original vintage deals for half the price. Thrifting also helps divert the amount of waste that would otherwise sit in a landfill and it promotes a circular economy. Unlike most commercial shops, fast-fashion or other luxury goods companies remove/destroy old collections as soon as the new one is ready, thrift stores have unique vintage pieces that may be one of a kind.

Every item that you give a new life to by thrifting also extends the planet’s life, it empowers local communities and is generally good for the environment. Thrifting can help you reduce your carbon footprint, by buying things that are not fresh off the exploitative production lines. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and thrifting promotes the circular use of commodities to divert tons of trash that would decay and lose its utility and harm the planet in this course. Thrifting is the way to maximise all the resources that go into making something, so the next time you think of buying something new, explore thrift stores close to you first. 

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