What is Environmental Awareness?

Environmental awareness is a concept that refers to the understanding of how our socio-economic activities impact the environment and what are the possible steps we can take to remedy this negative impact. Our environment, though robust and capable of mending itself, has recently become very fragile and hangs in balance due to the detrimental impact of human activities in recent decades. Conserving the environment is not a selfless act but a selfish act as only then can we secure our future on this planet. Environmental awareness is closely related to the ideology of Environmentalism which seeks to promote accountability among humans to take actions to preserve the environment from anthropogenic afflictions. 

In modern times there are many movements that seek to promote environmental awareness in their respective spheres like ‘Go Green’ and others. An important aspect of being environmentally aware also involves being mindful. Identifying the problems that threaten our environment and actively targeting these issues as a community was the goal of environmentalist movements that seek to promote environmental awareness. 

A part of being environmentally aware calls to stand for the amendment of lenient environmental laws to enforce accountability on industries and people or poisoning our environment. Environmental awareness is closely related to educating oneself so utilising books and other resources to educate oneself can be the driving factor to bring about change in your community. Engaging others in your community to spread knowledge and awareness to bring about a positive change.

The burden of reducing our carbon footprint is a burden shared by all humans and it can only be achieved through environmental awareness. It is imperative to keep oneself appraised of recent developments and environmental news to target the appropriate response to counter such issues. ‘Sisters against Plastic’ is one such initiative that seeks to promote environmental awareness by researching the impact of plastic products on the environment. The advent of social media platforms broadened the reach of activists to spread environmental awareness and bring about widespread transparency and understanding of environmental issues.


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