Zero Waste Menstrual Hygiene Products

Going zero-waste in every aspect of your life has now become more of a necessity than a lifestyle choice considering the deteriorating condition of our planet. But then the question props up can women even cut down on their use and throw menstrual hygiene products. The new advancements and revolutionary innovations being conjured up every day have given more options to women than ever before to choose their menstrual hygiene products. But with menstrual hygiene products women require something that is comfortable to use, and just the “better for the environment” argument might not help a lot of women who already struggle with sourcing their basic hygiene products. Conserving the environment is important but it does not have to be at the cost of comfort and convenience, here are some zero-waste period products you can try that are long-lasting and comfortable.

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are the first zero-waste product that pops into the mind when thinking about menstrual hygiene. And it is essentially good to be used for longer durations and does not use any artificial fragrances and chemicals that are used in traditional pads and tampons that are endocrine inhibitors that make cramps worse. A menstrual cup might seem daunting to use for the first time but once you figure it out its smooth sailing from there. Consider using cups if you bleed a lot on your menses and run through pads and tampons quickly. But you also need to consider the various factors that go into its upkeep before you settle on it. If you can’t boil it after every use and don’t have access to a reliable water source and toilet it might become more challenging to use. 

Period Panties

And no I don’t mean the ones that get ruined, period underwear is a special combination of layered fabrics that are designed to absorb liquid away from the body and avoid leakage. Period underwear gives you a lot of options as to design and size but it’s important to remember that the smaller the underwear the less it will absorb so it is always better to go for the fuller designs. Women who are not comfortable with products that require insertion and bleed less can make the switch to period underwear. But it’s also important to consider that if you have a heavy period and you don’t have access to a washer and dryer and cannot sun-dry the period panties you might want to avoid them.

Biodegradable pads

There are many options on the market currently that use plant fibres minus the chemicals to make biodegradable pads that are not as harmful as their traditional counterparts. And since pads are so easy and convenient to use there are no pros and cons as long as the pads are genuinely biodegradable and natural, so be a conscious consumer and do your homework when making the switch.

Reusable Tampon Applicator

Just like biodegradable pads, there are many tampons that are also biodegradable but the single-use disposable tampon applicators are the real culprit. If you might have made the switch to eco-friendly tampons you should also think about ditching the plastic applications and investing in a reusable tampon applicator that will last longer.

With so many options already in the market the choice is ours to make that switch for better, not only are these products better for menstrual health but they are also more comfortable than widely available disposable products. Ease your conscience and your body with these zero-waste products and do your bit to help in the global effort to fight environmental degradation.


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