4 Napkin Folds to Elevate Your Table

Tastefully laid tables can set the mood for the party and while one can play with 100 things to make it happen, one of the easiest ways to elevate your table settings by folding the napkins in innovative ways.

I remember my mother fretting over the perfect table and the task of folding napkins just the right way always fell to me. Today, I want to take you through some of the easiest ways to fold a napkin and to make a statement:

  1. Angled Single Pocket Fold: 

    Perfect for formal occasions or a classic modern setting
    Step 1: Place the napkin flat then fold it in half, and then fold that in half again
    Step 2:  flip it over and fold the first flap so that when folded it forms a triangle
    Step 3:  fold 1/4th of the napkin backwards on the left side and repeat the same for the right side
    And done! you have a nice angled single pocket which can be customized by placing name cards or the menu inside the fold

  2. Candy Roll

    This playful and fun roll is perfect for a birthday celebrations or a more informal lighthearted setting

    Step 1: Place the napkin flat and fold it diagonally to make a triangle 
    Step 2: Fold the right side inwards and again fold it over itself matching the edge of the fold to the centre of the triangle and the side is tapering off the main body of the napkin
    Step 3: Repeat the same with the other side
    Step 4: Start rolling the napkin from the bottom, and then after its rolled up stuff half of the tapering sides inside the roll so that it mimics a candy wrapper 
    And you’re done!

  3. Place Card Holder Fold

    A functional fold adding a touch of sophistication to your dining table.
    Step 1: Fold a square napkin into quarters to make a square
    Step 2: On a flat surface fold each open corner one inch over the other 
    Step 3: Now fold the bottom edge an inch to make a fold to hold the place card
    Step 4: Turn the napkin over and fold into thirds, then tuck one corner under the other
    Step 5: Turn the napkin over and place a card or menu 
    And voila!

  4. Cutlery Wrap

    This wrap makes the hassle of arranging cutlery redundant.
    Step 1: Start by placing the cutlery on the napkin diagonally 
    Step 2: Fold a third of the bottom over the cutlery
    Step 3: Now fold the left side of the napkin over the cutlery and then the other side and tuck the edge in
    Step 4: Finally, finish it off by tying a piece of twine or ribbon to customize the look.

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