4 Statement Rugs to Elevate any Room

You have worked on your walls, picked colours and furniture, but your living space will always feel incomplete without a cosy rug. Rugs play an important role in the overall design of a place. Whether it be your living room, study or your bedroom, rugs can act as a connecting article establishing cohesion between the various items and colours in your room. The texture, size and dimensions of a rug should be carefully curated to suit the aesthetic of your room and your home. But regardless, some timeless statement rugs always elevate any room. Here are some you can add to your homes if you are struggling to find the right one.

  1. Monochromatic

    A monochromatic shag carpet might just add that touch of warmth to your living space. Colourful pillows, furniture and expressive drapes need the balance of a simple monochromatic rug to make each item more palatable and shine in their own regard. Monochromatic rugs are best suited for all rooms and all types of décor and furniture and maybe are more versatile than the rest of the rugs.

  2. Patterned

    Be it stripes, shapes or a mixture of both, patterned rugs add flavour to any room that is designed to be simple and elegant. While the rest of the elements in the room might be plain and elegant, patterned rugs might add more depth to the uniform décor of the room. These rugs can act as visual pathways to direct attention to the overall look of the room

  3. Vintage

    When you are aiming to give your room rustic vibes you can always rely on classic rugs to fit the bill. Be it your Persian rugs or your silk carpets, all classic rugs add a regal vibe to your rooms. Traditional rugs often represent the skills and craftsmanship of a culture, relaying beautiful imagery of a historic item blending in perfection with modernity.

  4. Abstract

    Rugs that do not conform to the traditional dimensions are often the ones that will add the much-needed element of awe to your décor. Abstract rugs can frame any piece of furniture well and can also act as a feature piece themselves. Such rugs can also be used as art in your homes to give your living space more definition and panache.

The choice is entirely up to you, but these statement rugs are always a safe bet to add to your décor. Rugs are not just merely aesthetic nature but rather functional too. When you choose the current rug for your rooms they can instantly elevate any setting and a special touch to the overall décor.


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