5 Summer Colors to Add to Your Homes

Every home is a physical manifestation of the owner’s persona, and the colours play a very important role in building the overall aesthetic of a house. Each colour has different characteristics with reference to the way it defines a living space. Colours have the power to influence the overall aura and emotions in the house and so it is very important to choose colours for living rooms wisely. Here are some colour suggestions to revamp living rooms for the summer.


Light peach, Beige, lilac and other such colours are not set to go out of style anytime soon. The calm demure colours not only soothe the mind but in general bring a sense of calmness and beauty to the overall aesthetic of the living space. And even though pastel is not exactly a single colour, it is a great pick for any home because it fits so well with any kind of contrasting décor or appliances present in the living room.


Graceful greens can instantly transform a living space as this close association with nature is perfect for summers. Green colour is proven to have a positive impact on the mind and is very easy on the eyes as well. And most importantly the colour pairs very well with wooden furniture and complimentary light fixtures.


Is there any other colour that screams summer as well as yellow. This colour will surely brighten up any living space, this colour brings warmth and is perfect for other seasons as well. Accenting a single wall or painting all the walls, this colour is surely one of the best picks for a summery vibe all year round


 This colour invites freshness and coolness into the living space making it a perfect choice for the hot summery months. The colour also increases the luminosity of natural and artificial lighting making any space instantly brighter and more soothing.

Bright White

This evergreen colour is not only good for the summer months but is a good choice for all year round. White promotes peace, calmness and serenity all of which are necessary attributes to have in a living space, whether it be during the hot summer months or any other time of the year. 

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