Choosing the Right Bedsheets

A bed is like an oasis for relaxation and rest, no wonder we humans spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping and lounging in beds. And yet most people might never even give a second thought to the bedsheet that goes on their beds. Other than the aesthetic aspect of a bedsheet one must consider various other factors. You don’t lie on your bed for a few minutes but hours on end and hence it needs to cater to your specific needs. Choosing bedsheets might seem inconsequential but it can change the way you unwind and rest. There are several things that one should keep in mind while choosing a bedsheet to transform your beds into the most comfortable space in your home.

  • Pick the Right Material: While choosing the colours and patterns that you prefer might be important but the first thing that you should consider while buying bedsheets is the material. Your bedsheet material could change with the season or you could always opt for sheets that are appropriate for every season. Bedsheets interact with your skin in different ways and people with sensitive skin need to pay special attention while choosing bed sheets. Synthetic bedsheets often do not allow your skin to breathe during the night and can clog your pores from dust and other impurities on its surface.

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  • Threadcount: While it is the common perception of most that the higher the thread count the softer the bedsheets might seem but this is a common misconception. Most manufacturers might use silicon softeners to enhance the texture of their sheets, but such sheets lose their sheen and softness after the first wash. So whenever you choose bedsheets always look into the thread count or just switch to brands that have greater transparency regarding product information. The most suitable thread count can vary from 200 to 800, but then again, this varies too from material to material.

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  • The Right Fit: The next point is very obvious and might not need to be mentioned, but you must always consider the dimensions of your mattress and bed when shopping for bedsheets. Whether you want to opt for fitted for flat. Look into the type of bed you own and the breadth of your mattress to identify which size of bedsheets would fall on your bed the best. Buying the appropriate size is extremely important as sizing down too much could result in unnecessary wear and tear and sizing up too much could lead to an unkempt bed. 

Regardless of other considerations, make sure that you invest in a bedsheet that will last you a long time, sheets that are made for durability are often the most comfortable ones. Hemp fabric is one of the only natural fabrics that actually gets softer with every wash! Do not use fabric softeners and always follow the washing instructions that come with your bedsheet. The combination of comfort and appeal is the key to choosing the correct bedsheet for your bedrooms.

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