What is Lagom and 3 Ways to Bring it into Your Home

Lagom, pronounced as law-gum, traces its origin to Sweden and it is basically a lifestyle trend stressing the importance of finding balance. This trend focuses on every individual’s quest to find their own balance every day, to best describe it we can sum it by saying that ‘everything is good in moderation. The unique concept revolves around the central idea of finding the balance for you, finding what works for you. It could be anything ranging from limiting screen time to spending more time with your family. Lagom focuses on the Individual, it is a trend that manifests itself in unique forms for every person, the central tenet of this concept is individuality and you. But some basic ways are quite a common approach to find the right balance for everyone and you can start to incorporate Lagom by following any of these ways:

1.Focus on your bedroom

Sleeping is one of the most important activities for humans as we sleep for a third of our lives. But most importantly our bedrooms represent a sanctuary for us and it is important to leave behind the troubles and worries of the day. Bedrooms should be clutter-free and should create a healing and soothing space for the soul. Not only does this help with better sleep but it also makes your days better as well-rested people often perform better during the daytime.

2. De-clutter

While it is quite impossible to maintain everything in pristine condition, to bring Lagom in your homes decluttering is essential. Excessive clutter can lead to more stress and wasted time. When everything in your living space has a defined place living becomes easier and you can avoid unnecessary stress. You don’t need to waste your time looking for a remote and stressing unnecessarily when you can just get a console table or tray to sort things out in place. Or if that seems too tedious you can always keep a hamper or basket in one corner of your room and toss things in that don’t belong anywhere and sort through them slowly when needed. Whatever you pick is unique to you finding the balance and inviting Lagom into your homes.

Follow these easy steps to de-clutter your home today

3. Natural Light 

While some people claim to enjoy dark settings it is inherent nature for humans to be drawn towards natural light. A well-illuminated space not only uplifts the mood but also soothes and calms the mind. Make sure to draw your curtains and shades during the daytime to let sunlight flood in. Install skylights if possible and if not then windows work just fine, but it is important to illuminate your living space as best as possible. Mirrors, candles, accessories, whatever works for you is your unique way of inviting Lagom to create the perfect ambiance of balance.


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