Adding Hemp Seeds to your Diet


The Benefits of hemp are wide ranging and many. Hemp has sustained our ancestors for ages and was an important part of diets for quite some time; and the great health benefits of hemp seeds have made them popular again. Hence, culinary experts and enthusiasts alike are coming up with new ways to incorporate hemp seeds into delectable treats. These seeds are used to make a variety of things, ranging from vegan milk to protein powder. Since the seeds are packed with necessary nutrients it has become a staple for people who want to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Hemp seeds can be eaten raw or in any other form and this versatility has prompted many people to make conscious choices about their health without compromising taste.


Hemp as a Healthy Alternative

Since hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious, they can easily substitute dairy and protein in diets or make a great addition to it. Since they are extremely rich in healthy fatty acids and protein, they go a long way in keeping the body healthy. It’s believed that consuming Hemp seeds can reduce the risk of heart disease since they are high in amino acid arginine and they encourage the production of nitric oxide in the body which keeps blood vessels in optimal conditions. Another benefit of consuming the seeds is that it contains healthy fatty acids which influence the body’s immune response system which helps people who have skin conditions and allergies. Since hemp is an important source of plant-based protein, it can help vegans and vegetarians balance their protein intake. Furthermore, since the seeds are easily digestible they don’t put a strain on the body when making a switch in the daily diet. It has also been seen that the consumption of hemp seeds helps with PMS and menopausal symptoms. The gamma-linoleic acid found in the seeds reduces the sensitivity that women have to the hormone prolactin which gives rise to those pesky symptoms.


In Conclusion

Making healthy choices is in one’s own hands but the obvious health benefits of hemp seeds are attracting people from all walks of life. There are so many health benefits of hemp that one can classify it as a superfood. Hemp seed’s great flavour and availability make it a perfect source of sustenance for all kinds of people. People who have widely different lifestyles can still consume hemp seeds as a healthy alternative for many artificial and synthetic compounds and substitutes claiming to be healthy.

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