Hemp Clothing: A Year Round Clothing Choice

One of the oldest surviving fabrics was made from Hemp fibers. Hemp has been used historically for a range of items ranging from funerary shrouds to daily articles of clothing by the ancient civilisations of Central Asia and Mesopotamian Valley. Now it’s making a comeback in the textile industry, with many prominent labels and brands opting for it to make their clothing.

Why Use Hemp for Clothing?

Hemp has a number of qualities which make it one of the most well-suited organic fibers for any item of clothing. Hemp fibers are extremely durable and at the same time can be processed to make soft cloth, this versatility can be utilized to suit the demands of the fashion industry all year round.

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Hemp garments can also save one from harmful UV rays and since it's the strongest natural fiber, even surviving the ravages of time, Hemp clothes are the best choice for outdoor activities as well as in-door lounging. 

Hemp also possesses antimicrobial properties which make it the perfect choice for clothing, as cloth made from Hemp prevents the development of odor causing bacteria. Moreover, Hemp cloth is known for its durability and unlike other garments, clothes made out of hemp sustain their quality far longer than other materials. Fabric made from Hemp softens over time which increases its look and luster with use and time, making a Hemp garment perfect for all seasons.

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The Environmental Side of Hemp-Based Clothes

Fashion trends that change with the season create a negative impact on the planet itself, and choosing Hemp for making clothes would help reduce the carbon footprint that the fashion industry has on the environment. The environmental benefits of Hemp are profound, it acts as a natural sponge for sucking pollutants out of the soil and requires 95% less water for cultivation as opposed to cotton, the current staple in the industry.

With so many inherent qualities hemp fibers make the most adaptable articles of clothing for every season and purpose, making it the perfect economical alternative for many different types and styles of clothes.


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