Our Story

While studying in Milan, Surbhi Agarwal was exposed firsthand to the dark underbelly of the ever so glamorous haute couture industry and was astounded to see the detrimental environmental impact and inhumane work conditions that are often not spoken about in the luxury fashion industry. 

From being mindful of her own consumer behaviour to understanding the intricacies of ethical consumerism, her life changed in the way that she looked at products and was determined to incorporate this change in her professional life as well. 

Starting with in depth research to find her niche in the sustainability market, she stumbled upon and fell in love with organic hemp fabric, and founded the journey of Pravaah. 

Pravaah is a resolve to choosing better, and providing an alternative to synthetic textile in India using local material and resources. 
Investing in a Pravaah product is a step to a better tomorrow.