Sustainable Diwali Gift ideas

Gifts and sweets are the best things about Diwali, but unsustainable gifts can spoil the meaning of the festival. Many people use Diwali as an excuse to shop for useless and flashy things to display their opulence but such gifts might now always be very useful or good for the environment. Keeping in mind the spirit of Diwali, gifts should embody the same ideal of good over evil. In this case, good sustainable gifting habits should be incorporated all over the bad habit of gifting unsustainable things. Even though the spirit of gift-giving might be lost due to negative modern influences, this Diwali aims to celebrate the original ideals of Diwali and spread some festive cheer among your loved ones with eco-friendly gifts.

The most traditional gifts that come to mind when thinking of Diwali are the delectable sweets and dried fruits, but most often these sweets and nuts are packaged in some flashy case, covered in plastic, that is highly impractical and useless. Gift these sweets and nuts in sustainable packaging made of recyclable materials or better yet pack them in sturdy food containers that can be reused by your loved ones even after Diwali.

Ditch those glittery candles and heavily embellished diyas that are not only harmful for you but also for the environment. Spread light this festive season with eco-friendly candles, like these 100% soy-wax, hand-poured candles from that come in a variety of flavours and are produced in small batches. Set in a reusable earthen pot, these candles would make a fine addition to a Diwali décor gift for your friends and family not only visually but also aromatically.

Gifts are meant to be cherished for a long time and not discarded when the festivities end, gift should embody the feelings of the giver. Show your care and affection for your loved ones and family by gifting them reusable terracotta bottles that are not only reusable but can also add a unique touch to their collection. Terracotta bottles are naturally insulating and keep liquids well insulated from outside temperature changes. 

Instead of gifting wasteful bouquets that might wither and die, try gifting unique planters and plants that will last a long time. Pretty terrariums and funky planters with succulents and other flora will be cherished by your gift receiver. Festivities come with faith and prayer and what could be a better gift than a set of organic incense products made with discarded flowers from temples and mosques by Phool co.

Allay all gardening woes with an easy to use gardening kit, promote your friends to grow herbs in their home gardens by gifting them the necessary tools to garden efficiently. Not only will this gift engage them physically but will also have a positive impact on their mental health.

Curated eco-friendly gift sets with items that can be used by your gift receivers for a long time can also make a good Diwali gift. Travelling cutlery kits and reusable tote bags will help your loved ones walk on the right path and help the planet by doing their bit. 

Festive gifting industries power entire markets and it’s your decision as a consumer that will feed the production. Your decision has the power to help growing sustainable industries grow more by choosing to alter your consumer habits. This Diwali try to spread the joy of the festival to not only your loved ones but also to producers that are trying to provide better ingredients and services. Choose good products over the evil of flashy and harmful alternatives and celebrate a sustainable Diwali for this year and the years to come.



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