Using Pantone Color of 2021 in you Home

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow, Pantone Color of the Year 2021, are 2 gorgeous colors that are entirely independent and yet come together to support one another. This theme is an homage by Pantone to the kindness that humankind has displayed this past year.

We personally love the message and the colors. The neutral tone of grey has a soothing and grounding effect in your home, while the vibrant yellow adds a pop of color to any neutral setting and elevates it. Here are our favourite ways of adding these two colors into your home!

  • Furniture: Every room needs a statement piece to tie it together, something that is personal to your style and taste, something that captures the eye immediately and what better way to grab attention than a splash of yellow! Add a single seater sofa or an accent chair in illuminating yellow with a neutral grey sofa set and watch the room transform. 

  •  Accessories: Never underestimate the power of accessories! Cushions, lamps, vases, books and even simple flowers can uplift a room. Add vivacity to any furniture piece with a bright yellow throw or cushions. Not a fan of large accessories? Try adding a yellow vase, sunflowers or simply a bowl of lemons to add that little extra to any corner. This works best in rooms or corners that are dominated by neutral colours such as greys and whites

  • Art: Art in your home is a true reflection of you. Choosing the correct piece of art does not require a formula but only what speaks to you, what pleases you. However, adding too many pieces or choosing art that does not go well with the room can make it stand out like a sore thumb. 

 While these are only a few suggestions, adding contrasting colors such as these 2 can work in almost all settings. Tell us how you’ve incorporated these colors in your spaces in the comments below!


Images via Pintrest

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