Why is Hemp not a Household Name Today?

The earliest uses of Hemp can be traced back to 8000 BCE. So why is that this miracle plant is not a common household name? Hemp, which is a great source of fiber used in textile production and possesses medicinal value for new experimental treatment of psychosis presents a wonderful opportunity for farmers and producers alike to tap into the emerging market for hemp-related products. Yet, despite the obvious benefits of this species of the genus Cannabacea, its production is still under a tight rein.

Hemp Production vs Bureaucracy 

The major barrier to reconsidering the existing punitive prohibition with regards to Hemp is political in nature rather than legal and scientific inhibitions. With influential industrialists holding major stakes and conjectural control over policies in a country, the liberalization of Hemp would open up a new avenue for profits acquired from the versatile plant, which only spells doom for the existing pharmaceutical, textile and plant fiber industries. Within the last decade, the chemical composition of hemp itself has been varying but not enough to develop the harmful effects of its cousin from the Cannabacea family, but enough to exceed the 0.3% cap which has been set to distinguish between the two. And even though State Governments are allowed to foster the cultivation of Hemp for medicinal, agricultural and industrial uses, it usually creates a conflict of interests for the obligation of the excise and prohibition departments.

Prevalent Stigma Related to Hemp

Another issue with liberalizing Hemp is a lack of awareness regarding the distinction of the plant from marijuana, its cousin from the Canabacea family. This lack of awareness also contributes to the impediment in liberalizing hemp, since public opinion plays a major role in shaping policies as well, the general public is quite apprehensive to render their support this cause. With many such developmental hurdles in the hemp industry, its global liberalization may still be a far fetched reality.

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