5 Sustainable Gift ideas for every occasion


Gifts bring a smile to anyone’s face whether you are getting something for yourself or you are giving gifts to others. There is an entire industry that thrives on the demand for gifts every season, but most generic gifts are not useful and are discarded soon. Conscious consumers are now shifting the market demand from wasteful gifts to sustainable gifts. Here are some sustainable gift ideas that can be used for any occasion ranging from birthdays to Festivals:

  1. Reusable gift hamper
    Create a curated hamper full of reusable and sustainable items that will not only support the growing sustainable brands but will also be a gift that will not be discarded soon. Things such as stainless steel tumbles, reusable grocery bags, travelling cutlery sets will help the person who receives this gift cut down on their unsustainable consumer habits. Some things you can include in your reusable gift are as follows:

  2. Plants
    This might be one of the more obvious gift ideas on the list, but plants are the perfect sustainable alternative to traditional gift options. Instead of going for flower bouquets that wither and die after a few hours get your friends and family plants that they can cherish for a longer time. You can always opt for a simple succulent or a herb garden kit.

  3. OTT subscription

    This gift idea is not only zero-waste but it will be appreciated more than other gifts. Buy a subscription for any popular OTT platform or get a gift card for the same. This is a gift that people will get addicted to.

  4. Home Composter
    This gift idea might irk some people but in this day and age, every step we can take towards being conscious consumers is extremely necessary. A home composter is an incredibly useful gift that will help your peers compost their food waste without any hassle. Living a zero-waste life might be difficult considering our ingrained consumer culture. For people who are trying to achieve this goal one step at a time a composter is a gift that would be highly appreciated.

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  5. Sustainable home decor
    You can also gift traditional items without compromising on your goal by opting for sustainable options. Invest in sustainable alternative home decor that does not only promote local artisans but also positively impacts the agricultural community. All products from Pravaah are made with the holistic goal of sustainability. All products are hand-crafted with all natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. 

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Shift to a more sustainable lifestyle and help your friends and family to get on the right track by giving these sustainable gift ideas that are perfect for every occasion. Gifts are not meant to be momentary and easily discardable but rather to last and remind of the giver. Gifts that are functional and used regularly will sweeten the bond between you and your loved ones.



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