Food Storage: Go Plastic Free


Plastic containers have been a part of our childhood, and plastic containers, in general, have proved useful time and again to store a variety of items. From storing leftovers to storing lunches for school, plastic containers were an important part of our everyday life. But growing concerns over the environmental impact of plastic and health concerns of storing food in plastic has forced many people to gradually wean the use of plastic in their lives and storing food should be no exception. Food is a valuable privilege in a world where half of the population starves daily. Storing leftovers and extra food is our obligation for being fortunate enough, but it should not compromise our goal of discouraging plastic products. There are many ways to store food without using plastic.

Glass jars are a great way to store food, and though it might be argued that glass might not actually be that easily recyclable it is a first step away from plastic. Transparent glass containers help keep track of the freshness of the food stored just like plastic containers. Collect all mason jars and other glass containers you get with store-bought food like olives and repurpose them to store your own preparations.


Ceramic containers are also very chic and good for the environment. Good quality ceramics will not only solve your issue of storing extra food like sugar and rice but will also add some panache to your pantry with its unique finish and designs that are available. Another option is to use tin containers or other metallic containers to store food. Classic bento boxes and tiffin boxes made of metal can be reused again and again and are sturdy enough to last decades and can be recycled in a proper recycling facility. 

Beeswax cloth covers are all the rage these days and rightly so, they utilize the two easy ingredients that you might have lying around to make a reusable food wrapper. Forget saran wraps and plastic Ziplock bags, and utilize the beeswax wrappers to keep your food fresh for longer. Another alternative to plastic lunch bags is fabric bags which can be used to store a variety of preparations like sandwiches and other delectable treats.

Discontinuing the use of plastic requires innovation and imagination and it is up to you to discover more new ways of storing food without plastic. Our lives don’t have to be filled with plastic, and while the use of plastic might not be the real issue, avoiding it will help you reconsider and reform your habits in a way that will not only help you but also the environment. Get creative and ditch your boring and deadly plastic containers for better sustainable options to treat yourself and your family. 

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