Zero-waste Products for Beginners

Going zero-waste might not be a priority for most people but it is the need of the hour. With FMCGs that are designed to generate more waste it might be hard to go zero waste in your daily lives. Since the rise of conscious consumerism and growing concerns over our impact as consumerism products that aid a zero waste living have become more popular. And while it is not always necessary to get new products to go zero-waste, it is extremely important to take a stock of things that you already have. The ultimate goal of the zero-waste movement is to reduce the amount of things we discard so starting to assess our existing habits and articles can have a huge impact on the overall waste we generate. However, some products that are specifically designed to aid your journey to going zero-waste can help you incorporate these habits into your daily lives more easily. Here are some products that you use in your daily lives and can switch to :

  1. Reusable Food wraps- Most of us use plastic cling wraps in our daily lives to cover and store food but it is usually discarded after a single use. Switching over to cloth wraps or beeswax cloth wraps that can be used to cover food again and again is very easy to make at home as well.
  2. Metal food containers- Bid your plastic Tupperware adieu and switch over to sturdier metal containers to store your food and other essentials. Such containers are easier to use and will also last longer and preserve their look better than plastic containers.
  3. Compostable phone case- our phones, in general, are big contributors to electronic waste and most of the phones that we use today use some form of the outer shell. Why generate more waste than you already do, instead switch over to compostable phone cases so that you don’t feel guilty the next time you replace it with a new one.
  4. Detergent pods- Now there are many commercial brands that sell detergent pods but not all these options on the market are sustainable and plastic-free. Do your homework and opt to buy from businesses that utilise all-natural and safe ingredients to produce detergent that actually dissipate in water entirely.
  5. Reusable travel cutlery kit- Plastic cutlery can generate a lot of waste every time we get store-bought food. The onus falls on us to get our own reusable cutlery to avoid the use of disposable plastic cutlery. Also, try to opt out of cutlery when ordering takeout from restaurants.
  6. Reusable shopping bags- Ditch those flimsy shopping bags that your store charges you for and is thrown away after one use. Get your own shopping bag made of natural fibres for every shopping trip to save money and the planet.

  7. Stainless steel razors- Disposable razors are not always very sturdy and might contain blades that are harmful to your skin. Stainless steel razors are not only sturdier than flimsy plastic alternatives but the blades can also be sharpened and reused again and again.
  8. Bamboo ear pick- cotton buds on a plastic straw do not have an ergonomic design for cleaning ears and they also push wax further into your ears. Traditional bamboo picks are easier to use and clean and do not need to be thrown out after every use, therefore limiting your waste as it lasts longer.
  9. Soap bars- Fancy body washes packaged in plastic bottles are harmful to your skin and the environment, switch over to bar soap that primarily contains glycerin that is not for your skin and generates less waste.
  10. Compostable floss- most commercial options for floss are packaged in plastic boxes with waxed nylon strings. Try switching over to silk floss that is gentle for your gums and comes with sustainable packaging and the floss itself is also compostable.
  11. Zero waste menstrual products- there are many products in the market today that can have a low waste impact, find out more in our article zero-waste menstrual products.
  12. Compostable trash bags or paper liners- trash bags themselves are a big source of plastic waste that cannot be recycled or repurposed, switching over to compostable trash bags and paper liners might be a better option for all consumers who wish to live a zero-waste life.

These are some daily use products that can change your life and the planet for the better. Reduce your carbon footprint and live a life that your future generations and the planet will thank you for.

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